IMA Recruitment vacancies.

The Indian Military Academy in Dehradun is currently conducting a recruitment drive to appoint teaching faculty members on a contractual basis for a duration of 8 months. This hiring initiative is specifically designed to address staffing needs within the Army Cadet College Wing, an esteemed institution operating under the Indian Military Academy.

The open positions encompass roles for Assistant Professors and Associate Professors, covering a diverse range of subjects. Assistant Professor vacancies are available in Chemistry, Political Science, Hindi, Geography, Mathematics, and History. Additionally, there are opportunities for Associate Professors in Political Science, English, and History. Successful candidates selected for these positions will receive a consolidated monthly remuneration of Rs. 31,500/- for Assistant Professors and Rs. 40,000/- for Associate Professors.

Candidates interested in applying for these roles should be aware that the eligibility criteria are in strict adherence to the standards set forth by the University Grants Commission (UGC) Regulation of 2018. The specified qualifications and experience requirements must be met by prospective candidates to be considered eligible for these teaching positions.

To facilitate the application process, interested individuals are required to submit their applications along with relevant educational certificates. The submission should be made in the prescribed format, and it must be completed within 21 days from the date of the publication of the recruitment notice. Applications can be submitted via email to or through the postal service to the address specified in the official announcement.

It is imperative for potential applicants to thoroughly review the officially released advertisement before embarking on the online application process. This careful review will provide a comprehensive understanding of the eligibility criteria, required qualifications, and specific procedures involved in submitting an application. By doing so, applicants can ensure that their submissions are accurate and align with the expectations of the recruitment process.

Moreover, candidates should be aware of the significance of meeting the UGC Regulation standards, as this ensures a high level of academic competence and excellence among the appointed faculty members. The teaching faculty plays a pivotal role in shaping the educational experiences of the cadets enrolled in the Army Cadet College Wing, making it essential to have qualified and dedicated individuals in these positions.

In conclusion, the Indian Military Academy’s recruitment drive for teaching faculty positions presents a valuable opportunity for qualified individuals to contribute to the educational excellence of the Army Cadet College Wing. Interested candidates are encouraged to meticulously follow the application guidelines and ensure that their submissions reflect the required qualifications and standards outlined by the UGC Regulation of 2018. This meticulous approach will enhance the likelihood of a successful application and, subsequently, a meaningful contribution to the institution’s academic endeavors.

Application can be sent via the email as follows:

Also make sure to visit the government site to view the full information



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